General terms and conditions

These general terms of delivery shall apply to the extent that they are not amended by written agreement between the parties. The provisions will come into effect as soon as the seller accepts the buyer's order.

§ 1
Shipping and handling fee is payable if not otherwise agreed.
§ 2
Payment must be made within 30 days of invoice date. If the buyer does not make payment at the right time, the buyer is obliged to pay interest of 18% from the due date.
§ 3
The Seller undertakes to, in accordance with the provisions of sections 4-6 below, of the seller's own choice, exchange, rectify or credit the buyer any incorrect part of the delivery. The seller is not responsible for the suitability of the goods when used otherwise than in accordance with written instructions provided by the seller either on the product packaging or otherwise.
§ 4
Seller's liability relates only to flaws or defects that occur within two (2) months from the date of delivery and has been caused by material or manufacturing defects. For flaws or deficiencies, which appear after the above-mentioned time, the seller has no liability.
§ 5
In addition to the provisions of section 3, the seller is not liable for flaws or defects, even if it is due to reasons existing before the delivery date. The seller is not liable for any other compensation for personal injury or damage to property that is not covered by the agreement or for loss of profits or for any other damage suffered indirectly.
§ 6
If the buyer wishes to address flaw or deficiency, he must notify the seller in writing immediately or no later than five (5) days after noticing, or ought to have noticed, the flaw or deficiency. If the buyer fails to comply with this obligation, he will lose all right to make a claim. In the event of reclamation the buyer shall, at the seller’s request, place the goods at the disposal of the seller for inspection. If the buyer has not given the seller written notice of claim within two (2) months of receiving the goods, the buyer has lost his right to make a claim.
§ 7
Goods may not be returned without our consent, nor shall we be subject to shipping charges.
§ 8
These provisions shall comply with Swedish law and any dispute between the parties shall be settled by the Swedish General Court.


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