About us


We at GSON started our current business in 2001 and have since then developed into one of the most successful sales concepts in the industry. We deliver high quality "products for professionals", under our own brand, focusing on problem solving in service, assembly, construction, maintenance, repair and installation.

We have our office and warehouse in Örebro (Sweden) and from there we deliver to customers all over the country and in almost all industries.

One explanation for the success may be that we strive to always offer the latest product innovations on the market. We import most of our products and work closely directly with our manufacturers which allows us to control quality and performance. Another explanation is the experience and knowledge of our employees. Something they gladely share with you as a customer.

We know that our customers appreciate the personal contact, so we aim to build long-term relationships and follow up on our customer contacts in the best possible way. Whether you call our order office or get a visit from us, the goal is to be a supplier that exceeds your expectations. We hope that this informative product catalog will help to simplify your work and that it will be quick and easy for you to find the products that you need.

ST_120GSON Europe AB is included in the Swedish Safe Trade registry. Being part of Safe Trade means that the company's economy and credit in the industry can be controlled at any time by local municipal purchasers and county council. It also means that purchasers can more easily find serious suppliers and contractors with good references. Presenting business information openly is something that strengthens the company's seriosity and credibility.

We are connected to El-Kretsen and meet the Swedish directives regarding electrical and electronic products and batteries.

Our quality policy is based on the ongoing monitoring and follow-up of our suppliers' quality and delivery capabilities.

AAA är det högsta betyget som bara delas ut till aktiebolag. Ges till företag som visar stabilitet över tid, både i hög- och lågkonjuktur.